Gurdeep Garcha's client cleared of Kingstanding 'Road Rage' murder

Gurdeep Garcha (led by Timothy Raggett QC) represented a 27 year old Handsworth man charged with murdering a motorist in what the prosecution described as a 'deliberate and deadly pursuit'.

The prosecution case was that following an altercation on a pub car car park in Kingstanding in which the defendant's vehicle was damaged, he pursued the deceased’s van and shunted it repeatedly during a high speed pursuit, intending to 'run it off the road'. The prosecution alleged that the defendant's actions caused the van to lose control and crash into a tree, instantly killing the driver.

The defendant admitted driving dangerously but said he was trying to identify those in the van who were the aggressors in the pub car park. He maintained that the victim had lost control of his van in a tragic accident. Mr Garcha’s client was acquitted of murder, manslaughter and two offences of causing GBH with Intent in just 36 minutes following a 14 day trial at Birmingham Crown Court.