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Anthony Warner

Practice Summary

Judicial appointment

Recorder of the Crown Court

Career Background

Tony is a grade 4 and rape prosecutor who specialises in criminal prosecution and defence. He was awarded an Everard ver Heyden foundation prize by the Inns of court school of law for academic excellence.

Tony is well known around the Midland Circuit, appearing most frequently in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Hereford and Leamington Spa.

Practice details

Tony is a specialist criminal practitioner who is retained by both the prosecution and defence in all areas of criminal practice in the Crown Court. His principal areas are; murder & manslaughter, non-fatal offences against the person, firearms, drugs and serious sexual offences of past and present.

Tony has experience of cases involving the possession and use of firearms, cases involving covert police surveillance operations/public interest immunity issues.

Grade 4 CPS prosecutor.

Recent instructions have included:

  • A ‘test purchase’ case involving over 25 defendants in the black country.
  • A led conspiracy to supply class A drugs by defendants inside and outside of prison where the main evidence was many hours of recorded phone calls to and from the prison.
  • A lead conspiracy involving the covert supply of class A drugs to under cover police officers.
  • A 10-year-long abuse case towards a neighbour’s child from the age of 4 involving grooming alongside sexual abuse of two teenage girls who were drawn into a mature relationship with the defendant.
  • A man forcing his 4-year-old granddaughter to perform a sexual act on him while babysitting.
  • A social worker abusing a boy in a children’s home. The defendant was head of the home in the 1970’s.
  • A death by driving case where the defendant cashed a car, killing his girlfriend who was a passenger. The defendant alleged the deceased girlfriend had been driving.
  • A ‘punishment beating’ where the defendant kicked and punched their victim into unconsciousness and breaking every bone in the jaw.
  • A planned attack where a spurned lover hired two hit men to shower a woman with acid upon opening a door.
  • An attempted murder/insanity case involving a police officer who was stabbed while attending a Mosque.

Further Information

Continuing professional development

Tony is an accredited Midland Circuit Advocacy teacher.

Direct Access

Accredited by the Bar Council and in suitable cases is happy to accept instructions direct from members of the public. Please see the Direct Access section of this website for further information.

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