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Daniel White

Personal Details


Judicial Officer for the RFU, Six Nations and World Rugby.

Practice Summary

Instructed at Crown Court and appellate level, in all forms of grave and serious criminal case; including murder, sexual offences and, in particular, fraud.

Appointed a Grade 4 prosecutor (General Crime) in 2010 and Grade 4 (Specialist Fraud Panel prosecutor) in 2017.

Appointed to the Attorney-General’s Unified List of Advocates and regularly instructed to prosecute and advise upon cases on behalf of specialist Government Departments, including HMRC, NCA, BEIS, DCMS, HSE and the DWP.

Commended in the Legal 500 2012  as an advocate who  ‘… always provides advice and opinions quickly‘.


Daniel was the first pupil at Citadel Chambers and has remained a tenant ever since. His practice is split between Sports Law and Criminal Law. He sits upon a range of Sporting Tribunals at first instance and Appellate level, but specialises in representing Players and Governing Bodies alike before their Disciplinary Bodies. Daniel has appeared in, or sat on, cases in relation to the following sports: Ice Hockey, Football, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Archery, Rowing, Weight lifting and Athletics.

Within the Criminal Courts, Daniel has developed a practice as a leading junior for the prosecution. He has led or been led upon serious and multi-handed cases against many Organised Crime Groups, murderers and sexual offenders.

In recent years Daniel has Co-Founded a software company specialising in the detection and prevention of fraud. Through his appointment as Legal Director and Data Protection Officer he has gleaned a vast amount of knowledge concerning the use, and analysis, of data in all its forms to combat crime effectively.

Practice details

Mr. White has experience dealing with many areas of crime including particular specialty areas.

  • Prosecuted the counter manager of a NatWest bank branch, who had stolen £150,000 from ATM machines and attempted to conceal the thefts with a complex string of internal transfers (convicted);
  • Prosecuted a DWP lawyer whose responsibilities included advising on entitlement to benefits, who had made large scale and lengthy dishonest claims for Council Tax benefit, Income Support, Housing Benefit and Incapacity benefit (convicted);
  • Prosecuted the DWP’s largest giro cheque fraud, resulting in the conviction of 9 defendants for their part in stealing in the region of £1 million;
  • Successfully prosecuted a contested POCA hearing against a defendant following his convictions for theft, conspiracy to blackmail, and robbery for a total benefit sought in excess of £800,000. A case involving hidden assets, tainted gifts, multiple offending and ‘proof’ of criminal allegations previously not charged;
  • Leading junior for the Crown, prosecuting two defendants for defrauding the ‘Access to Work’ scheme and taxes offences totalling over £1 million in loss: the victims of the fraud were 29 profoundly deaf individuals who had applied for assistance to find work through the scheme;
  • Prosecuted, successfully, a £29m MTIC fraud as a joint investigation on behalf of HMRC and The Insolvency Service;

Has a particular interest in sports-related litigation, appears and advises in sports law matters both commercial and regulatory.   Undertakes work in disciplinary hearings and has appeared to represent a number of different governing bodies.  A keen sportsman who played rugby at Championship level foor serveral years for two professional Clubs, and now enjoys all sports including tennis, football and cricket.

  • Sat as Chair of Appellate and first instance disciplinary proceedings for the RFU, EPCR and World Rugby;
  • Sat upon anti-doping panels for world strongest man competitors, footballers and rugby players;
  • Represented international rowers, rugby players, footballers, ice hockey players, coaches, horse riders, clubs and Governing Bodies before all levels of sporting tribunal;
  • Advised upon and represented individuals in relation to contractual disputes on agency agreements, image rights of international footballers, lifetime bans from sport, anti-bribery legislation, anti-doping infringements and everything in between.

  • Represented (as junior alone) a defendant who was said to be a member of a racist organisation, on a charge of attempted murder, where it was alleged he had plunged a sword right through a man’s body (defendant acquitted following upheld failures in the identification proceedings);
  • Junior Counsel in the prosecution of a defendant who murdered a young woman by asphyxia (defendant convicted of murder);
  • Junior Counsel representing one of two defendants charged with the manslaughter of an 86 year old man following a violent attack during the burglary of his home;

  • Represented a celebrated classical pianist and composer accused of grave sexual offences: acquitted on all counts;
  • Prosecuted a worship leader at a Baptist church for grave sexual offences against a teenage girl: convicted on all counts;

Has appeared (nationwide) in alcohol, entertainment, and gaming licence matters on behalf of local authorities, major corporate clients and smaller retailers, at contested application stage and at appellate level, both under the Licensing Act 2003 and under the previous regime. Has also been instructed in security industry licensing matters.

Secured an extension to the late-night licence for Spearmint Rhino, and represented one of the country’s largest wheel-clamping firms in a successful appeal against withdrawal of licences.

  • A case investigated by the Serious and Organised Crime Unit, leading junior prosecuting 7 defendants for drug importation and distribution across the United Kingdom: all defendants convicted receiving a total of 48 years imprisonment;
  • Successfully prosecuted a death by careless driving case where the defendant had entered a roundabout without sufficient care and struck a cyclist causing fatal injuries;

  • Instructed to represent the Office of Rail Regulation in proceedings involving allegations of misconduct on private land, leading to serious personal injury including amputation of a limb.
  • Represented the company and its directors as respondents to a civil claim for an injunction before the High Court, based upon suggestions that their firm had stored waste in breach of permitted conditions.
  • Represented defendants charged under Health and Safety legislation for alleged infringements in the inspection of children’s toys.
  • Junior Counsel in D.P.P –v- Connolly [2007] EWHC 237 Admin  –  on the meaning of ‘indecent or grossly offensive’  within the Malicious Communications Act 1988, and interpretation of Articles 9 and 10 ECHR. See:
  • Davies –v- Solihull Justices [2008] EWHC 1157 Admin – remains one of the leading cases on misconduct by a defendant and his subsequent trial in absence.

Further Information

Direct Access 

Accredited by the Bar Council under the Direct Access procedure and in suitable cases is happy to accept instructions direct from members of the public. Please see the Direct Access section of the website for further details.

Continuing professional development

He is an accredited pupil supervisor, and has also been an advocacy tutor for law students.  Lecturing has included: benefit fraud legislation, the etiquette of the advocate, confiscation proceedings, and on the sentencing implications of changes in the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.


  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Midlands Circuit
  • Midland Fraud Forum
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