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Former Staffordshire Social Worker Convicted Of 1990s Rape Of 14-year Old Boy In His Care

Former Staffordshire social worker convicted of 1990s rape of 14-year old boy in his care

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A Stafford jury convicted Joseph Hopkins on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 for rape and two other serious sexual assaults on the boy, following a trial prosecuted by Adam Western.

Hopkins, then employed by Staffordshire Social Services, was a member of the emergency duty team and had been dispatched to one of the County’s police stations to act as the boy’s ‘appropriate adult’. The attacks happened on two occasions when Hopkins was driving the boy home to his local authority accommodation. Hopkins, who is now 78 years of age, was sentenced to 11 ½ years’ imprisonment.

‘Serious sexual crimes like the ones committed by this defendant cause long term harm to their victims’, said Adam Western. ‘Almost thirty years on and now in his 40s, the victim in this case continues to suffer the consequences of what happened to him as a child’.

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