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‘Godfather’ of West Midlands Crime Gang is jailed

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Andrew Fisher QC and Thomas Kenning prosecuted as members of a highly organised criminal gang based in Birmingham were jailed for selling firearms.

The police investigation (Operation Cookie) started in 2014 and has resulted in 17 men being convicted of conspiring to transfer illegal weapons and ammunition. The head of the group, Nosakhere Stephenson, was said to have been a ‘Godfather’ figure in the notorious ‘Burger Boys’ gang. The Judge described Stephenson as the ‘go to man’ for firearms. He was sentenced to 16 1/2 years imprisonment after pleading guilty on the day of trial.

The other defendants, whose roles included faciliating, storing and sourcing the firearms, as well as customers, all received lengthy custodial sentences.

One of the weapons, a Mac 10 machine pistol, was sold to a drugs gang who wanted the gun for a revenge attack on a rival gang. One of the customers was convicted after trial. A further weapon was sourced for two customers with criminal links in London, both of whom were convicted after a seperate trial.

Rupert Jones acted as dislcosure counsel in the case.

News reports are available from the Birmingham Mail and the BBC.

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