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Gurdeep Garcha QC And Nicholas Berry Represent Man Cleared Of Murdering 3 Year Old

Gurdeep Garcha QC and Nicholas Berry represent man cleared of murdering 3 year old

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A man accused of murdering a three year old was unanimously acquitted of murder following a 6 week trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

Gurdeep Garcha QC and Nicholas Berry represented the man, from Dudley, charged with murdering his girlfriend’s daughter.

The girl was found dead in her bed at a flat in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, in August 2020.

The case featured complex medical evidence. Examinations found the victim had suffered brain injuries, multiple fractured ribs, a fractured sternum, fractures to her wrist and forearm and to both legs. Some of the fractures were historical and healing, suggesting that the child had been beaten over a period of weeks leading up to a fatal assault on the 8th August 2020.

The 3 year old had also suffered ‘catastrophic’ internal injuries, with several abdominal organs being severely damaged, and very significant internal injuries to her upper chest.

The prosecution said Mr Garcha and Mr Berry’s client was directly responsible for the various injuries and had embarked on a course of violent assaults on the child over several weeks before the final, fatal assault. It was alleged that his girlfriend had encouraged and supported him in this course of conduct.

The defendant denied that he was responsible for any violence and blamed the mother of the child for the injuries.

The defendant was acquitted of murder after less than 5 hours of deliberations. He was also acquitted of child cruelty.

He and the girl’s mother were convicted of unlawful act manslaughter. The mother was also convicted of child cruelty.

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