Gurdeep Garcha QC is representing a Wolverhampton man who is being tried for the gang-related murder of a 15 year old schoolboy in May 2018.

The deceased was attacked by a group of four men as he got into a taxi in the Merry Hill area of Wolverhampton. He was stabbed over 40 times and died at the scene. His friend and the taxi driver were unharmed.

The killing happened in the context of rivalry between the V2 and V3 street-gangs in Wolverhampton. It is the prosecution case that the motive for the killing was because the deceased had defected from V3 to its rival. The prosecution assert that his murder was an act of revenge for what was perceived as disloyalty. The prosecution say that the deceased’s location was discovered and that the team of ‘heavily armed killers attended the scene in order to execute him.’ 

The trial, at Wolverhampton Crown Court, is expected to last between 6 – 8 weeks