A man from Birmingham has been acquitted of murder following an 11 week trial at Reading Crown Court.

The man, represented by Gurdeep Garcha QC leading Sanjeev Sharma (Equity Chambers) – instructed by Akhmed Yakoob of Maurice Andrews Solicitors, Birmingham – was charged alongside seven other defendants with murder and conspiracy to commit GBH.

The victim had been stabbed to death in a car park in Aylesbury in October 2020 following an altercation between rival gangs.

The prosecution case was that the murder was linked to a dispute over drug supply in the area. In particular, the prosecution alleged that Mr Garcha and Mr Sharma’s client travelled with others from Birmingham to Aylesbury to ‘lend his weight’ to the confrontation and once there was involved in the violence.

The defendant denied that he was aware any planned violence and was not responsible for any violence. He denied being party to a joint enterprise. 

Two defendants were convicted of the murder and three others were convicted of manslaughter for their part in the incident.