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All our barristers are members of the Bar of England and Wales and are self-employed sole practitioners. A set of Chambers is a collection of self-employed individual barristers, administered by a Practice Manager and a team of Clerks whose task is to organise each barrister’s diary and individual practice. The rank of Queen’s Counsel (Q.C.) may be awarded to senior barristers who are regarded as outstanding advocates.

All members of Citadel Chambers comply with the Code of Conduct for the Bar of England and Wales and are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. Instructions are accepted subject to appropriate terms in the ‘Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012’, a copy of which is available on the website of the Bar Standards Board.

Our barristers have appropriate professional liability insurance. All are registered for VAT.

All members of Citadel Chambers are happy to accept instructions in legal aid cases. Alternatively, the Clerking team can provide quotations for any barrister to accept instructions on a privately paid basis. In criminal cases a solicitor would be invited to complete a ‘proposal form’, which would provide the basis for the quotation.


Fees vary based on the nature of the work to be completed, and the seniority of the barrister instructed. Much of the work we do is legally aided, particularly crime. An application for legal aid cannot be made direct to a barrister but must be made through a firm of solicitors who have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency which enables them to make applications.

We would suggest that any prospective client facing a criminal charge consults with a firm of solicitors who specialise in criminal work in order to explore the availability of legal aid before contacting us.

For clients who wish to go on to instruct a barrister without using a solicitor (direct access) some detailed information on the most common types of direct access we do is included in the direct access pages.

We are always pleased to give a quote for any type of work, although we cannot always give a meaningful quote without some information on the particular case. If it is necessary to review papers in order to quote, we will do without charge.

Under normal circumstances we do not carry out work on a contingency basis (often referred to as ‘no win no fee’).

Our quotes are normally based on a ‘brief fee’, the basic fee for the barrister accepting the case, along with ‘refreshers’, an additional daily rate based on the number of days the barrister has to attend court if a case goes to trial. We do also quote fees for a one-off conference with a barrister at which, after having considered any papers the client is able to provide, a barrister can advise, on such matters as the grounds for any action, the strength of a case and likely outcome. The extent of such advice is, of course, limited by the  amount of information available.

Whilst we have set out our most usual method of billing for private work, we do strive to be flexible to fit in with client requirements. In some cases, clients may want the certainty of agreeing a single fixed fee, and we are happy do this in cases where there is sufficient predictability with regards to the extent and nature of the work required.

More detailed information on the costs of the most common types of direct access we do is included in the Direct Access page.

Direct Access

We welcome approaches from members of the public under the ‘Direct Access scheme’.
See the Direct Access section of this website for further details.

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