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Ilana Davis’ Client Cleared Of Sexual Assault

Ilana Davis’ client cleared of Sexual Assault

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Ilana Davis has secured the acquittal of a man for sexual assault.

Cannock Magistrates’ Court heard an allegation that the defendant had sexually assaulted the complainant in a park.

However, in closing submissions, Ilana took the court through significant contradictions in the complainant’s accounts in her initial complaint, ABE interview and her evidence at court.

Ilana also drew attention to the fact that a key part of the complaint had been effectively led from the complainant in her interview. The Judge agreed that the key allegation had been adduced by a ‘careless question’.

Ilana is in the second six of her pupillage at Citadel Chambers and accepts instructions in the Crown Court and Magistrates’ Court. She recently represented a man convicted of multiple dwelling burglaries and multiple street robberies – and secured a sentence of 8 years imprisonment for all matters.

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