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Nicholas Berry Prosecutes Pensioner Killer

  • 29th August 2021

An 84 year old man has been convicted  of killing his 82 year old wife. The victim, Gian Bhandal, was found dead at her home address. She was initially thought to have died of natural causes, but a post-mortem examination…

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Ilana Davis Success at Court of Appeal

  • 4th August 2021

A man convicted of attempted burglary has had his sentence reduced by the Court of Appeal. Ilana Davis's client had originally been sentenced to 23 months imprisonment. The Appellant had attempted to enter the garage of a home, equipped with…

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Court of Appeal Reduce Drug Dealers’ Sentence

  • 31st March 2021

Two people convicted of class A drug trafficking offences have had their sentences reduced on appeal. Niall Skinner and Jas Dhaliwal represented the appellants at the Court of Appeal in R v Davies & McKeegans [2021] EWCA Crim 301. A…

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