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Tim Hannam QC And Nick Tatlow Successfully Secured A Nine-year Reduction

Tim Hannam QC and Nick Tatlow successfully secured a nine-year reduction

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Tim Hannam QC and Nick Tatlow successfully secured an exceptional nine-year reduction to the usual mandatory minimum prison term of 30 years in the case of Joseph Trevor, who had pleaded guilty to murder, and rape. Trevor, the son of a senior ex-police officer, who was 19 years old at sentence and 18 years old at the time of his crimes, had strangled, raped and stabbed Megan Newton, an old school acquaintance, after a night out with class mates in Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre on 29th April 2019. He was heavily intoxicated with drink and a large amount of the Class B drug Ketamine. She had invited him back to her flat to sleep on the sofa because he said he did not want to go home to face his parents in that state. Earlier that evening, he had been arrested for possession of a bag of ketamine, but had been released without charge. At Stafford Crown Court on 17th February 2020, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder with a minimum term of 21 years and 65 days to serve before he can be considered for parole. He received concurrent sentences of 8 years imprisonment for each of the counts of rape.

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