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Trevor Meegan in London ‘terror plot’ trial

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Trevor Meegan represented the principal defendant in a six week terrorist trial before Mr Justice Baker at the Old Bailey.

The Crown said that Mohammed Rehman hatched a plot with his secret wife to launch a terrorist attack on the London Underground and Westfield Shopping Centre. His wife funded the purchase of chemicals which the defendant used to make explosives for use in a planned jihadi martyrdom terrorist operation. A large amount of chemicals and laboratory equipment was found at the defendant’s home address. 

The defendant had also expressed an interest in violent extremist Islamist ideology in his Twitter accounts, with particular reference to the so called Islamic State. He had researched their propaganda magazines and videos and had taught himself how to make bombs using on line resources. 

The defendant was also in contact with undercover security operatives over social media sites. These operatives posed as online fellow Islamist extremists. 

Reports of the case are available from the BBC, The Independent and The Guardian

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