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Trevor Meegan in Old Bailey win

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Following a 6 week trial at the Central Criminal Court in which Trevor Meegan appeared for the third defendant, the jury returned verdicts of not guilty to manslaughter and aggravated burglary.

The Crown alleged a plan by the accused who travelled from Wolverhampton, to steal money from the deceased who lived in north-west London. It was said that two armed males entered his flat and demanded money. Tragically the deceased jumped out of the window from the 3rd floor and later died from his injuries. The third defendant allegedly provided information and other assistance in the execution of this plan.

There were matters of public interest immunity relating to material held by the police about the deceased. Disclosure requests were repeatedly made and eventually granted. This unearthed information which could be used as agreed facts to the defendant’s advantage.

During the trial several legal arguments were made with regard to the admissibility of phone evidence relating to the defendant’s husband who was a prisoner not charged, a submission of no case to answer and alternative verdicts.

The case was complicated by the fact that it involved secondary party parasitic liability, a point yet to be decided by the Court of Appeal in light of the leading case of R v Jogee.

The defendant did not give evidence.

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