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Trevor Megan in Worldwide Drug Exportation Case

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In an unusual case concerning the exportation of amphetamine, MDMA and other former ‘legal highs’ to Australia, Greece and Germany, Trevor Meegan appeared for the principal defendant.

Millions of pounds worth of drugs were imported from India and China through Liverpool, and then exported to several countries. The Australian side of the investigation resulted in several convictions. There were issues of the use of evidence obtained covertly in Australia.

This case involved a sophisticated communication network that used draft emails and an international money laundering network involving a trust based system of token transfer and computer software to hide communication between conspirators.

The defence managed to argue that although the defendant was undoubtedly a leading role in this worldwide enterprise, this case did still fall within the Sentencing Council Guidelines and the judge’s starting point of 20 years imprisonment plus was inappropriate in this case. This defendant received 6 ½ years imprisonment.

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